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Notre Dame de Consolation ChapelNotre Dame-De-Consolation - The Charity Sale Bazaar - Commemoration Site

This chapel was built in memory of the terrible fire that destroyed the Charity Sales Bazaar on May 4th 1897. It stands today on rue Jean Goujon in the François 1er district. [More ...]

Jean Sans Peur TowerJean Sans Peur Tower - Hotel de Bougogne

This illustrious building, today located 20, rue Etienne Marcel, was classed an Historical Monument 115 years ago. Never opened to the public, it finally unveils its secrets and in particular: [More ...]

Bronze statueThe Crypt In The History Of The Cité

Paris was born on the "Ile de la Cité", at the intersection of a waterway and a roadway. The Seine and its tributaries afforded means of communication by waters, while the substratum yielded stone for building and for plaster. [More ...]

François AragoDocumentation On The Arago Medallions

The Dutch, Jan Dibbets, created them. It commemorates the astro-politician François-Arago (1786-1853), who was Director of the Paris Observatory. They represent the Paris meridian. [More ...]

The statue of GutenbergThe National Printing House In Paris - France

Richelieu created the Printing House in 1640 under Louis XIII’s reign. After having rapidly grown, the Printing House will adjust to the political history of France, taking thus various names: the Royal Printing House, the Imperial Printing House, the Republican Printing House to finally be, in 1870, called the National Printing House. [More ...]

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